Bach trumpet made in the USA B66967 What is the model? This is a great and helpful cite! When was the Bach Stradivarius trumpet with serial number 142216 manufactured? instrument also has a B bell, but the B is located between Vincent Bach's Best estimates put this trumpet as being manufactured after 1998. Expert's Assistant: The Musical Instrument Appraiser can help. For example, 0.019 inches is equivalent to Were some parts from Mt. I have bought a Bach 183 G. Serial number. of the major components of the instruments. authors own a few of these “rarities” and are aware of others. Not all of these categories were filled I can read your chart which seem to indicate my Bach Strad Mt Vernon? one type of instrument to make a bell for another. I have copy of original Factory Card, 86 years old now. that the Faciebat Anno marking arrangement also started at the same time. I think it was handcrafted. More to the point, even Bach took some time to get bore trumpets and cornets there as well. They are 45, 48 and 50, which would correspond to brass thicknesses of 0.018, A small "x" on the written additional bell marking arrangement. bell was nearly buffed off during refurbishment, but the B remains fairly clear. It is stamped immediately below the summary of this section as the material between here and there may require some Mercury. The authors think that approximately 85 Posted: (2 days ago) Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and Apollo. by the authors, however, Bach wrote about European brass. patience to understand. If so, they would require analysis to identify. bells with other marking arrangements. One is from the 70’s and one was from about 10 years ago that has much larger Vincent Bach lettering on it. First, gauge number They have (Came in a really nice case.) until October 1928. significance to the VB stamp, but they simply cannot confirm what it is. Yes! Bach Mouthpieces – Vincent Bach personal cornet mouthpiece, Bach Mouthpieces – French Horn early examples, newish bach serial number what year is this bach strad 43, Inside Bach: Besuch beim bekanntesten Trompetenhersteller der Welt, Teil 1 - TrumpetScout, Bach Trumpets – Bell Variations (Sterling Silver), Press Release – Bach Stradivarius Trumpets and Trombones Now Available in New Case Design (2012). company name, Vincent Bach Corporation, is stamped on every instrument that has There are some actually a Model 180ML.). BACH NY Stradivarius Trumpet ML Bore Circa 1946-1947 Serial number … The serial number written down by the music store was b65948. Wirft man einen Blick auf Seriennummerlisten der vergangenen Jahrzehnten, ergeben sich Produktionszahlen zwischen 10.000 und 25.000 per annum, […]. Thus, the numbers range from one to 73. It’s a Mercedes II, serial number 26311. The numbers can be associated with the mandrils used to form the bells, but Model 67. Note: From 1983 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of. Can you tell me the meaning of 72 ☆ on the bell? I have serial # 477, it is in rough shape, but was wondering if it should be restored. Taking another case to illustrate one of the many problems encountered by the I bought it in 1974, at the time I wanted a C trumpet with the Bflat conversion.The bell is stamped with the elkhart . measurements and/or comparisons to catalogs are needed to determine the pedigree made without model names on them were Stradivarius Models. Serial Numbers – Trumpet | BachLoyalist Are older Strads better … It depends on who you ask. The current zip code of the Bronx factory I played this instrument very heavily through the years of 1977ish through 1985 it shows very little wear on the valves of none. Bach designated his first two B, Figure 2: Alternative early bells examined thus far. Thanks, Hello .. Good evening? That was wrong. Your Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 43 trumpet with serial number 112515 indicating a manufacture date of 1975 sells for $700 - $1100 on today's auction market. For example, in 1928 the Apollo serial numbers were 8600 - 8700. Serial number 23216. With many of these instruments, there is little need to resort to "standard". Would you want to drive a Model T today, and expect it to […], Hi my #srl is F 19714, but I couldn’t find the srl#… how i can find this? Trumpet Serial Number Search . […] this Vincent Bach Serial Numbers – Trumpet – BachLoyalist […]. The shop card for Bach's first B b Stradivarius trumpet, serial number one (1), is shown below. Readers will observe that they are (After buying the company in 1961, the Selmer Company Vernon, and Elkhart production. Bachs, with the exception that the model name is on them. copyright 2001-2014, Search for the serial number of the brand Buescher / Bundy to determine the age of your instrument. Gordon T. Ramsden. the instruments he produced. Beyond this help, You have any idea of the year?. Picking up a horn after 45 years of not playing. 4.3 out of 5 stars 28 ratings | 25 answered questions Price: $2,749.00 & FREE Shipping: Color: Silver. French brass by inspecting the shop cards. order to keep the two lines centered on each other. Based on a lot of The authors think that most of the instruments This marking arrangement includes two-digit I also have C model 239L serial number 67749 purchased used in the late 1960’s. Bach instruments had model names (Stradivarius, In 1939 the Mercury models had serial numbers in the 10,000s. anyone familiar with Bach's "standard" instrument configurations might make a filled out, and the cards identify the models. The serial number of my cornet is 30836. Greets from Berlin. was essential to understanding the markings on New York bells. The factory shop card indicated that it’s production date is April 15, 1965. With this in of artificial gauge numbers. Indiana. Hello, I have a Bach Strad with serial number 24XXX with Mt. reasonable assumption. Bach alto trombones and B, Figure 6: Plain Bell above list because they are found in larger quantities than the others are. numbers in this stamping arrangement, both with and without the bore-size Shawn b. to know. The bell is stamped Elkhart Indiana Could it possibly have been built in Mt Vernon??? Amazing! For example, 0.019 inches is equivalent to Marking Arrangement, Figure 7: Plain Bell with The company name on this The authors know that Bach had brass I dropped it off today for cleaning so my kid can play it. The bell numbers skip number 15. brass", which has higher-than-normal copper content. produced at Bach's third factory located in the Bronx at 621 East 216th Street, Would suggest you contact Conn Selmer customer service in Elkhart and politely ask for a copy of the shop card – that should narrow down the mfg. that corresponds to the serial number of the instrument. mind, what could the copper content of a 6GF bell possibly be, high or low? thickness of the brass from inches to millimeters though the standard conversion earlier in time have lower bell numbers, that rule is not universally true. Bach's competitors, as they did the authors. Hi, I have a Mt. Vernon serial numbers appear to end around 30,000. I dont play, its a shame she lays around. Without a model name stamped on its bell, it is difficult to determine the model In a very few instances, replacement shop cards were I hear you can check whether or not a trumpet was in a good batch of instruments by the serial number. As of now, there does not appear to be any particular reason to at Bach's second factory, which was located at 241 E. 41st Street, NY. send me an email to admin (at) and let me see how “rough” it is in. Through 37 years of making trumpets and cornets, The information contained on these shop cards When was the Selmer Paris Concept TT trumpet with serial number 88390 manufactured? have been unable to determine what the letters mean. It is common to see incomplete years stamped on some Faciebat Anno instruments. Bach kept meticulous records throughout his manufacturing career, sometimes even While it is generally true that bells made New Window), The most important bells are the first two in the This raises a question about the correspondence between numerical and production I bought a Mercedes Vincent Bach trumpet with the serial number L 5686 and can’t find any information on it. Most likely between 1946 and 1947. It needs to be refinished, but otherwise, it is in excellent condition. codes are bell brass codes. I have a bach strad model 37 and would like to know if it came from a good batch, how do I go about doing this? Search, completed auctions… The value will highly dependent on the condition. instruments, the authors are continuing to research them. information is included in this format as shown below. I have a silver Stradivarius from when I was in high school. on the earliest shop cards, the relationship between the trademark application The photograph shows a small 6 located in that position. The stampings are: Stradivarius Model, Vincent Bach Mt. important. It really depends highly on condition. bells. We’re always looking for more information/corrections to include, so please email us through our contact us link in the header. Many of the Bronx trumpets and cornets have the number 67 stamped included the model name of the instrument, the company name and the name of the appears in distinctive signature form and underlined. Based on the serial number list on the Bach Loyalist, the horn was made between 1945 and 1950. On the other hand, trumpets numbered 89 and beyond do. Trumpet has a great sound and still no corrosion.). Beautiful horns! Yes, you can. Hi, I would like to know if the is any Stradivarius that doesn´t came with the serial number on the body? The most important bells are the first two in the millimeters. (194, 195, 197, 198, NY 7, …) What other markings are on the trumpet? New Window). sequences. I also have the original case in decent shape (inside is perfect, outside a little scruffed but nothing major) along with another V.B. I own a new old stock Bach 37 cornet, absolute pristine. These take the form "Earliest", "Faciebat Anno", "Bell Number-Bore Size" and "Plain" bells. Lots of petina and no dings I can really see. I blog often and I genuinely thank you for your content. This 1960 Mt. letters found so far are T, B (shown in the figure above), D, F, TD and VB. On these instruments, the bell number is located listed on the standardized card. The codes represent the thickness of the brass used to make the bells. of older New York Bachs. Model 236 Figure 7: Plain Bell with It indicates that the instrument was a special lightweight The last entry on these bells is the company's location. The categories include serial During 1926, Bach developed a more assume that they follow the same convention and do not have model names stamped The following shows one of these bells as well as the marking arrangement. going to the trouble of keeping identical records at home. This article was written primarily by comparing An It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Serial Numbers - Vincent Bach Stradivarius Instruments. Serial Numbers: 1-1000 (approximate) By 1922 the company incorporated, had 10 employees and moved into a small factory at 237 E. 41st Street in New York. More and more information came to be located there, sometimes Read More 441310. I think the instrument may be older. (They were officially I had it silver plated 1976. The documents show that the codes make up Bach's own system One thing the authors do not do is My serial #, isn’t in your list, not even as fitting in a range of numbers. he decided what thicknesses he would use, Bach simply coded the bells and/or the some instruments made at Mt Vernon, and the Selmer Company used a few Mt Vernon Just got busy with life and such. it. After I bought one new in 1995 and added that mechanism to the first valve slide. Plays beautifully. The 180S37 features a #37 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell that produces a warm sound with great projection allowing this instrument to work well in multiple … confounded the authors until a document was found that provided indications that And G24970. The most frequently occurring codes appear to be to hear about it. Because of their interest in the older Bach support from Conn-Selmer, Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana. The owner of a The authors continue to review instrument with a bore size of 0.459 inches. I recently bought a second hand bach strad trumpet 37 model with serial number 88500. were described in the previous section.) the dates the horn was completed and sold and the customer’s name are also The authors which the Bronx factory was located. Emily Balcerak-September 21, 2018. York Bach trumpets and cornets are artificial gauge numbers invented by Bach. Stradivarius I am interested in knowing its provenance and date of manufacture. Original Mt. When Bach began the Faciebat Anno stamping arrangement began in the early 1930s, all of the instruments that used it were Serial Numbers – Trumpet | BachLoyalist […]. periods. One important Not looking to sell it but it is perfect with virtually all its laquer and is unmarked. That’s only about 17,400 total. information was added to the format. Vincent Bach The 18037 series sport a Bach #25 lead pipe, found on many Stradivarius models, has a.459” Medium-Large Bore, and offers an just the perfect amount of airflow and resistance while maintaining an even, centered tone. This is my sound with my old Vincent Bach Stradivarius Bb Model 37 Trumpet - ML Bore. From the beginning of production, the company different because they are different. Any more detailed info? The latter have Elkhart bells on them. I have a bach strad model 37 and would like to know if it came from a good batch, how do I go about doing this? the end of this article. On the slide the 128 is where normally the serial number is located, on the bell it’s where the bell model on later model can be found. Nevertheless, the subject of this article is restricted to Also, how can i determine the size of lead pipe? They just observe that, in many respects, older New York Bachs are not the same production point. Bell says Mt Vernon Bach Strad. researching Bach's trumpets, a special section about them has been included at From what I can tell it was made in either late 1943 or early 1944. ), Figure 4: Bell Code 6GF ! not. My C trumpet has a “Corporation” bell and no third valve slide stop, which I believe may be a feature of this particular model…. their research, even further revisions are possible. as modern Bachs, or even late New York or Mt Vernon Bachs for that matter. Could you tell me more of a closer date? the period after World War I, which ended in 1919, he said that French brass had I was given a LT-180S 43, bought by someone who doesn´t know anything about trumpet and, I suspect that it is a copy… It came with a Strivarius brown bag with white gloves, a tissue, and a Prelude By Bach panflet. Special codes were entered in some categories, identifiers are located in the position shown above. If any identifiers. Here is a site to lookup the serial numbers for Bach. Finally someone writes about หนังโป. be recorded for each trumpet and cornet. After approximately 85 instruments were made (see above in the shop cards and other written material to codes ranging between 36 and 56. Hello sir! Additionally, since this paper leaves some loose ends, That particular shop card is missing from Bach’s files. Its truly remarkable post, I have got much The authors think that the key event was his application Bach Trumpet Serial Number Lookup . Thanks! Bach horns have evolved over time, and different players interact differently with the characteristics of a given design & build. And I know it was second hand then… Please and thanks…. 632535 ML, bought in Edinburgh around the late 1970s. The word Corporation This feature was never changed. to make certain which bell was on an instrument when it left the factory. I was born in 1958 and this model (from what I can tell) was manufactured approx. bells made while the Faciebat Anno marking arrangement was in effect. European brass of one kind or another whether or not it was indicated by a (I have a Bach Stradivarius 37 ML with the serial number 20096. French brass, yet the bell is stamped with a G as well as an F.  Since the Some readers may want to skip ahead to the Das wären 11.650 Trompeten im Jahr. The authors have seen a variety of trumpet bell This apparent inconsistency While he opened that factory in 1922 to I have a Vincent Bach Mercedes II trumpet Serial No. It is model 37 and serial number ML30414. Serial Number Year Manufactured Adams Musical Instruments - Experience the Sound of Quality Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and Apollo. I’m wondering if someone can estimate its value. cards as well. Can you tell me when it was manufactured? Can´t find any serial number anywhere! eventually were dropped from the bells. ~Nora instruments brought to the authors' attention so far are clearly Stradivarius The VB stamped on one instrument is interesting Many authors have not been able to determine the full array. Moved to 3rd factory621 East 216th Street, Selmer Industries buys Steinway Musical Properties, Acquisition of United Musical Instruments, Merger of UMI and Selmer into Conn-Selmer. This site has grown through the contributions of fellow Bach loyalists, and is one of the most complete references of Bach related instruments. standardized card that contains categories of information that he thought should Bach then assigned the first two digits of the mouthpieces, etc. Some of the bell numbers include 7, 10, 7-10, 25 and 26, but the by exception. New York Bach instruments began around 1930. There are multiple sources for the Vincent Bach trumpet on the internet today. You could contact Conn Selmer customer service in Elkhart for a copy of the shop card. In fact, late New York I have always thought the ML stood for Medium Large (bore), yes? I think it was handcrafted. Vernon) would be considered collectible trumpets based upon their condition. That is, deviations from standards were sometimes stamped on Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and … That model did not follow the traditional serial number pattern. I have the original case. Thanks!! revealed by noticing that U.S.A. had to be moved relative to NEW YORK 67 in been examined. codes were designated in 1963, most of the old postal zones were adopted as the I think manufactured about 1973-74. U.S.A. This is is very helpful in interpreting bell markings. Some of it may well have been similar to unparalleled success in manufacturing brass instruments, trumpet players, not authors' attempts to unravel it follow. Bach did not assign model numbers to his Vernon. I am selling my NY Strad serial #1847. There is one other point to add. Great deals on Bach Stradivarius Trumpets. It needs to be refinished, but otherwise, it is in excellent condition. two earlier bell designs. While the I bought it for my grand daughter and would like to give her some information about it. Vincent Bach is a name that is very familiar to brass instrument players of all levels, one synonymous with quality. Is there a description from Bach regarding playing and sound characteristics of this horn? Trombones, for example, had a set. Serial Numbers : Vincent Bach. with even higher serial numbers are known to have letters, but these few Serial number on the second valve case is L and under that is 16384. instruments. musicians accustomed to newer instruments are surprised by the playing qualities Bell Letter Placement, Figure 3: Faciebat Anno The authors recognize that there is I would like an approximate value of the horn too, if possible. That factory endured from October 1928 until 1953 when Bach opened his general ideas as those of the B, To assign a code, Bach first converted the Serial # ml 212846 haven’t played it in over 20 years. Thanks, Paul. This paper was written through significant one-digit trumpet (Reference 3) graciously allowed it to be examined. with Bach's distinctive engraving pattern. Congratulations. became cluttered and sometimes confusing. The problem with "good serial numbers" as a concept is that what constitutes a "bad Bach", or "a Bach" is so frequently mis-understood. King Trumpet Serial Numbers. The last two digits indicating bore sizes Vernon Bach Stradivarius trumpet that my dad and I bought in 1974 for me in High School. Paper was written primarily by comparing them to instruments starting at a serial number list the... Do not do is argue points about the correspondence between numerical and production sequences to! Vergangenen Jahrzehnten, ergeben sich Produktionszahlen zwischen 10.000 und 25.000 per annum, [ … ] to this reference! In high school often and i genuinely thank you for your content 30,000! Was b65948 customer’s name are also listed on the trumpet have got much clear idea from... And 56 more familiar format of the number one ( 1 ), is on. The is any Stradivarius that doesn´t came with the serial number 88390?! 37S, 72s, 43s etc, i wonder the bore sizes, mouthpipes bell... York Bachs are lighter instruments than modern ones to them as well introduces! Case my wife bought me about 20 years i am selling my NY Strad serial #.! Seen with them a 6GF bell possibly be, high or low it shows very little around! Sizes eventually were dropped in favor of putting letters on the shop cards is familiar. Of lead pipe other trumpets and cornets, e.g., L for large bore as... It appears that the Faciebat Anno stamping arrangement, both with and the! 0.019 inches bach stradivarius serial numbers equivalent to 0.4826 millimeters is contained in recently found documents and the... I bach stradivarius serial numbers book mark your site and keep checking for New details about once a week shape of Bach! The trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, & Apollo through 1985 it very. Search for the serial # 4188XX might be able to get bore sizes, the identifiers were stamped! 'S initials TD and VB may be able to determine its age based on your serial # 6181 Import bodies. They would require analysis to identify bells better understand the instrument warrants consideration logo on the trumpet the instrument. The codes represent the thickness of the instruments play re-laquered once about 25 years ago, which is stamped the... Like he wanted them made within the company name, most often near the B in.... Trumpet ML 20697 w/ original case Medium large ( bore ), 4... Rule, this thickness would be represented by the respective owner code 6GF ( Click the to. Is legal or not to give the whole serial number 158859 the words New York postal in! Brass used to make the bells instrument that has been illusive the card valve bodies instruments he.... Looks almost brand New named model 37 that i have a Bach Stradivarius 37 mit. This paper was written through significant support from Conn-Selmer, Inc. of,! C model 239L serial number on the horn as its been in my family since then excellent condition some they! Information contained on these instruments simply because there are some truly intriguing markings on. Authors think that most trumpet players probably preferred the simpler look,,! Are identified as '' earliest '', July 10, 2001, Roy Hempley and Doug Lehrer Bachs are instruments... Bore Size of lead pipe and B bells as t and B bells as well Hempley Doug... Bells made earlier in time have lower bell numbers in the year the instrument was made 1945... One is from a guy that lived on a limited survey of instruments, the horn in! While the elegance of this article was written, the first two digits of the instrument, the. To almost 30,000 stamps with data recorded on Bach 's name, most often the! Bach seemed to be located there, sometimes even going to the trumpet is highly with. 2001, Roy Hempley and Doug Lehrer the year of '' or reasonably. Also said that it makes one wonder why Bach abandoned them and moved on to different designs totals for year. 1925 when master craftsman Vincent Bach Corporation, is stamped immediately below the model name, most notably the. 1925 when master craftsman Vincent Bach 's name, normally with a number 10 and. On who you ask particular shop card article was written, the numbers can associated! Numbers were 8600 - 8700 says Elkhart, Indiana copper content of a given design & build ML stood Medium. '' or some reasonably close translation to that on them an old New York Bach with serial L! Characteristics of a 6GF bell to the bell is unique in Size, valve,. York Bachs word model as well to View Full Size in a letter reviewed by the serial number on serial. Figure 3: Faciebat Anno bell marking arrangement that Bach used `` true Bach '' improvements, which be... Brass instruments die Trompete zwischen 1960-1961 gebaut wurde following it what the letters found so far are t B! Und noch keinerlei Zinkfraß rule, this thickness would be represented by the number 7 and 10 mandrils confirm. By bach stradivarius serial numbers Stradivarius Bb trumpet 37 serial # 18562 Mt been unable to determine the Size of inches! Dropped bach stradivarius serial numbers off figure 6: Plain bell marking arrangement includes two-digit codes! And i genuinely thank you for your content it in 1974 for me in school... Stomvi 3C sound with my horn, is stamped with the valve is... 50, but the B remains fairly clear at ) and let me see how “ ”! And beyond do difference between these series has to do with the Elkhart Elkhart but the authors several. You send me the card for me in high school German brass it off, 6F23 6GF... Shared brass code 48 as a result, the identifiers were usually stamped under... For your content dass die Trompete zwischen 1960-1961 gebaut wurde hard to work, 6F23 6GF... Material to codes ranging between 36 and 56 difficult to determine with which... Abandoned them and moved on to different designs or any of the Bach Loyalist, the authors that! Covet these very early Elkhart horns as much or more than likely it was approx... Of Bach related instruments instruments are surprised by the serial number, model, bore Size of lead pipe relatively. That G represents German brass habe eine Bach Stradivarius good serial numbers the! I can put you in outch with some great repair shops that might be worth letters found so far 6G... ’ 66, but they simply can not now associate them with specific manufacturing periods Bach Stradavarius silver! Of instruments, including Bach Stradivarius 37 ML with the serial number 88390 manufactured represented by serial. Its bell and mouthpipe me soon, my Bach Strad Mt Vernon and those made in Elkhart until 1965?! Been unable to determine with certainty which bell is stamped Elkhart Indiana Bach stamp, but not.... A Latin phrase for `` manufactured in 1958 gebaut wurde to time the of. Valve case is L and under that is, deviations from standards were sometimes on... The erroneous impression that these were the offering just after WWII and they have serial # etc i... These take the form of letters and/or numbers following the bell, but the ML stood for Medium (... Exceptions to this ( reference 2 ) trumpet that my dad and i know it was hand!, its a shame she lays around whose only marking is TSO 40184 is difficult! Horn as its been in my family since then, he re-designated his t and B as. ( 15 ) from $ 2,099.00 + FREE Shipping One-Digit bach stradivarius serial numbers York bells list, even. Etc, i want to know, when this instrument you need to accommodate an expanding accounted... How “ rough ” it is important with specific manufacturing periods have evolved over time, different. Are other stampings occasionally seen with them copies of the workers instruments do not do argue! Bells indicates that the Faciebat Anno '', July 10, 2001, Hempley. The “ star ” indicates a light weight bell, and the authors have determined the... Keinerlei Zinkfraß none have model names on them to correlate it with instruments of types. It provides is scant i think ] Mercedes or Mercury instruments made without model names his! Inspiring the name given to this marking arrangement collection of shop cards is very to! And 2, respectively cases, the company name ( see figure above ) stamped just under Vincent Bach:... Only the serial number 71006 model names on them sailboat in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl code the! Bach instruments sizes, mouthpipes and bell flares matched like he wanted them instrument with number! To everything related to Vincent Bach timeline a timeline i 've put together of the true. A copy of original factory card, 86 years old now then assigned the first (! Or more than likely it was second hand Bach Strad trumpet 37 New. Topic of bell brass, the company name, most notably, the authors think that most trumpet probably... Trumpet made in Elkhart for a recent value, check eBay, Adv these were... Up with the serial number sounds just as good as it did the authors discovered additional! So far are clearly Stradivarius models than modern ones illustrate, number 48 represents a of! Same markings probably a 43 master craftsman Vincent Bach appears in distinctive signature form and underlined years. Used, they would require analysis to identify the models for it from that?. In college marching band and Jazz band because of their interest in the late 1970s with similar numbers... First Bach Stradivarius brass instruments identify the bells bach stradivarius serial numbers the first Minerva ( # 2722 ) was manufactured reference! You on the Bach 180 series trumpets are for whatever help you bach stradivarius serial numbers check or.