"There's something different about each of the journeys' of the kids which is quite exciting." "I think one of the things I'm most proud of about the experience, not even just the film but the experience, is that all of those kids, Cooper included and then the two goons Ted and Ralph – Dean's sidekicks – they're all very close friends now." When talking about Wyllie, the most frequent comment is his ability to make everyone laugh. We also used so many local individuals and suppliers in our movie and so they could themselves build up their capacity for the next film. He was also featured in various movies like Paper planes, Breath and Bad boys for Life. Working on Top Gear for all those years has imbued me with a bit of car knowledge but I don't know as much as Steve. says Trevor. Will Lodder. said Trevor "He has his issues, is dealing with his own anger and pain but at the end of the day he is a lovely boy. Worland describes the character he penned as "the smartest person in the room." There's a constant in the narrative too. Importantly the film has well-crafted and distinct characters, which will no doubt be welcoming to audiences looking for something to relate to. Timelessness: Capturing A No-Era Feel Director Owen Trevor bought a unique aesthetic to the film explained by Producer SONIA Borella "The movie is actually current and period at the same time, you might call it timeless. Van Grootel describes his character and hints at why Dean acts the way he does "My character Dean is this incredible go karter, a very cocky and seemingly obnoxious 15 year old. "I think, probably on the page, Jack was a lot cheekier – a lot more of a smart ass. "You're not that far off the road going at 80 to 100 kilometres an hour, and it's just an engine and four wheels really," Trevor notes. "The three kids as a group, is one of the things that we wanted to do in the film from the very beginning." Trevor describes observing this and how it was shooting with Lodder, "He's got an extraordinary natural presence and he struck me from the very beginning in his casting tapes. WORLAND explains. I thought that was a great and really interesting thing to say." One of the things that came out of that was that I wanted to create a timelessness to the whole film, I wanted to give you a sense that it wasn't set in any real era. Starring: William Lodder… "There's a moment there, which I won't spoil for the viewers, but it kind of raised the hairs on the back of my neck – in particular, Cooper's performance in that moment – because on the page it wasn't as good as that. As a result, I think the movie became a little more sophisticated from casting the characters a couple of years older." A Western Australian motorsport engineer and high-performance racing coach, his work on the film turned out to be threefold. Pointing out that he feels you have to be emotionally invested in a character to play them, Lodder notes that Jack is of course the character he most relates to. The go kart racing is not something that we've seen necessarily in a movie before. was "Something I haven't seen yet or that I'm aware of has been made, so we went down that path and two years later, here we are." "He's drawn to her in this really cool way because she's this teenage girl who knows more about the mechanical parts in motor sports than any other person in the film does" says costar Lodder. "We are so blessed to have such world-class performers in Australia and to have Frances, Richard and Dan join our cast was just amazing." Barry – Dan Wyllie Dan Wyllie plays local policeman Barry, whom Jack in his innate nature to help others, even assists Barry in wooing his mother, Christie. Enjoy GO Jack Hooper William Lodder Bomber Jacket for men designed for fashion-savvy guys. Producer Jamie Hilton notes, "Steve writes the hammy, uncomfortable comedy really well. "I think our younger audience can certainly relate to and aspire to be like our younger characters. He is 19 years of age. Details about the actor’s education are not available. William Lodder, Actor: Go!. "A very gentle generous man, who brings everything he's got. "We could have just made him this mean guy who's constantly picking on Jack, when in reality he's actually just a kid who's trying to prove himself to his father at the end of the day." He's lost his father a couple of years before and he hasn't quite come to grips with that yet, a fact we're introduced to very early on and so those moments where he lashes out are a view into his psyche." "There is some really good dialogue from Steve in that scene and then Rox and I had a lot of fun that day just messing around with it and seeing how some words could be changed and how that could change the tone of the scene." william lodder. Unsurprisingly, life imitated art, with all the young actors expressing that they are good friends and found support in one another, something that Trevor counts as a major highlight for him. "Frances was so generous with him. Below you find an overview of all movies and series with William Lodder on Netflix. Colin to learn to stand up to these bullies and not to be pushed around, which he learns through the combination of Jack and Mandy's influence. Join Facebook to connect with William Loder and others you may know. Perhaps it is the film's director, who most closely resembles the protagonist, Jack, in the film and it is those qualities that helped make the development of the film a success. Towards the end when we'd got more comfortable and we'd worked out some of the problems and tricks we started just throwing the karts around the track a little bit more violently to see what would happen, and we got some extraordinary shots out of that too." He makes himself open to receiving new friends and through doing that he gets to learn about go karting and have awesome adventures with Mandy and Jack." A thrilling family film about a boy who must overcome tremendous odds and his own recklessness to achieve his dream of winning the National Go Kart Championship. He's very good fun. said Trevor. Partner and Producer at See Pictures Sonia Borella, writer Steve Worland and also Roadshow Films, who codeveloped the film from a very early stage. Even though we mainly follow the character of Jack, I was particularly excited and attracted by the role model of his friend Mandy who is strong and determined." Hilton explains "The one thing that I think this film does well is that someone – everyone - is going to be watching this film through one of the character's lens. Through the course of the movie she really finds her own voice and realises she can do and be anything she wants to be." The gags really land, Colin is the humour, and the light relief in the movie and Darius did a really beautiful job with the material." He was just so open and genuine, and I felt very comfortable around him but it was also fun because we could always play around with scenes." Bampos certainly sees Mandy's character as being a positive influence on others, particularly through her determination, strength and resolve. is a high-octane Australian family film with heart. Writer Steve Worland expends on the relationship with Jack and Christie and hints at the past "Jack's relationship with his mum is kind of unique in a sense. ), Australian poster, from left: Richard Roxburgh, Darius Amarfio Jefferson, William Lodder, Anastasia Bampos, 2020. He doesn't settle for any less than what he needs. Trevor further extends on this sentiment and talks about how the audience will learn that there is more to the character than just being 'the bad guy' "You realise by the end of the film that he's only a bad guy from our perspective and he's never treated as a one note bad guy. The surprising world that they might end up occupying in terms of what their passions might be – the unexpected nature, the constant sort of revelation of who your children are." "Which I think is something that's quite hard for young men to deal with. Christie – Frances O'connor Conversely, Christie's temperament is somewhat different to Patrick's. "Ultimately Jack, the character, is a great kid." William has 1 job listed on their profile. The camera loves him. followed a comparable journey. "I wanted show that very subjective view, to help everyone know what that feels like rather than the audience just watching kids racing around a track. I was obsessed with that and the likes of Stand by Me and various other films where you get a collection of kids and they form a real team. "It's about the things that we give our children. "Cooper brought a real, quite an extraordinary empathy to some of those scenes, because a lot of that is not actually written on the page, it's very much in his performance." She just kind of keeps that to herself rather than letting him know that she's super worried about him and I think that's kind of very grown up of her." It's a big ask to get on set and shoot for 30- odd days in a row, when you've never had a job in your life and turn up and deliver every day - and he did it. william lodder. He has an infectious enthusiasm and that trickles down – that's very important in a film. In order for others to believe Mandy she had to believe herself - I hope others can learn from that." Background Checks I identify with Mandy because she is passionate about what she loves doing and she's really got her mind on her job. trailer | Μία οικογενειακή περιπέτεια σπιντάρει γερά σε μία πίστα με kart. The actor has not revealed his dating life. says Roxburgh "Sometimes you read a story that is intended for children and it can be really tilted that way, but what I loved about GO! And, that's of course Mandy too." Go Karts, unbelievably, is the 19-year-old actor’s first professional role. It's been exciting to visualise it from the script stage and then to see it come to fruition on film is wonderful - it's actually even more exciting than I could have ever hoped." Trevor delves deeper into the story explaining, "GO! Lodder explains. Jack being able to overcome his own impetuosity and rashness and to understand that he needs to reign himself in sometimes if he wants to get to the next step. William Lodder was born on November 7, 2000 in Sydney, Australia as William Daniel Lodder. William Lodder. "He's a really lovely person to be around and he's got a really generous soul and spirit, I think he's oddly mature. It's not just that he is a goodlooking kid – there's something quite compelling about him." One, working on co-ordination of stunts with the stunt team, two, driving double for Will and three, working with Trevor and EASTGATE on the authenticity when shooting the go karts racing. Check below for more deets about William Lodder. "There were a lot of fun things that we developed over the course of the film to get the shots that we needed." View William Lodder (1927)'s memorial on Fold3. He came into the limelight through his Netflix series named Go Kart which is very famous among the people. He could have been the captain of the football team; he could have been the captain of the debating team. It was day one, it was her and Will and I'm very thankful to her for helping me a lot with Will because obviously a lot of my energy was going into a kid protagonist in every single scene basically in his first movie for 30 days straight. I think what is great is that she treats him as an equal in a way, like a friend and someone that she trusts to make the right decisions. Will Lodder Associate at Halliwells LLP Liverpool. Borella notes "But as well, our older audience will look to the younger characters with nostalgia as well as our adult characters and how they deal with their own adversity and learn that, or be reminded that, it's never too late to have a new lease on life or make a turn." The movie also garnered the support and investment of the City of Busselton, which was so amazing for us. View Will Lodder’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. GO! Notes Trevor. Jack, Mandy And Colin The three characters of Jack, Mandy and Colin and their journey and companionship, represented the heart of the film for Director Owen Trevor. Echoing Borella's previous sentiments and touching on perhaps how parents today will see Mandy, Trevor Says "Mandy in many ways is my favourite character and I think what's happening in the world at the moment is part of that too. We were just constantly bouncing our characters off each other and it's been fun because I think we've seen each other grow so much through this process. I think back to what I was like at that age and I don't know what I was doing, but I certainly wasn't that balanced. "I've probably never had more fun shooting on set then I did with Dan, or even Dan in the ADR sound booth, was some of the funniest experiences of my life." We were really lucky that Anastasia then came along because we weren't going to cast Will because we thought he was a little bit too old; and then we discovered Anastasia and she was a real movie star. Get the amazing GO KARTS William Lodder Brown Jack Hooper Bomber Jacket from our store and make you feel fabulous. His work includes Breath, Paper Planes and The ring. Together, the team will endeavour to overcome all odds and defeat ruthless racer Dean (Cooper Van Grootel) to win the National Go Kart Championship. We learn of the loss of Jack's father early on in the film, clearly a life changing experience that Jack is still coming to terms with. There are a lot of female characters and 'girlfriend' characters in movies that can be a bit one note, but Mandy is constantly saying to Jack, no not good enough, try harder. Enter for your chance to Win a Lifestyle Pack valued at $179.95. She gives him a lot of freedom and even when she's kind of scared for his wellbeing, she still knows that he needs to go out there and take those risks. The film itself was to embrace a strong cinematic history of coming of age stories, Worland explaining "We always like to say it is The Karate Kid meets Days of Thunder – so it's a feelgood family movie about a kid who overcomes certain obstacles to reach his goal and set in the world of go kart racing, which I think is a lot of fun and is very exciting." Dean – Cooper Van Grootel The bullying that Colin's character encounters comes from Mandy's brother, Dean, and his two cohorts, Ted (Rhys Lander) and Ralph (Jack Connell). About William Lodder. In addition to this, he is also famous for his acting in Breath and The ring. Jack's got natural talent but must learn to control his recklessness. "The notion that we could create this threesome of very different characters who all play a different role but bounce off each other quite well, was really one of the core things which we wanted from the beginning. View the profiles of people named Will Lodder. Lodder's scene partner was very often the experienced and acclaimed actor Richard Roxburgh who played Patrick, and who couldn't praise Lodder more highly. Go to The Law Society ; Quick search; ... William Lodder. He has. 'Movie star' is the description of Bampos oft cited by the filmmakers, something that was clear from the get go. Plus, she just doesn't take any crap." He's sort of a bit impetuous, lives on the edge a little bit and that is something that concerns his mum. Select this result to view William Loder's phone number, address, and more. William was born in Australia and grown up there only. As an actor, no doubt he has earned some amount of income and net worth. "One of my favourite scenes in the film is right toward the end, when he realises in his father's eyes that perhaps he's not going to achieve what he set out to do." Those three actors were to be Will Lodder as Jack, Anastasia Bampos as Mandy and Darius Amarfio-Jefferson as Colin. Roxburgh was drawn to the project by the script's ability to transcend different generations, and it's potential to appeal to people of all ages. "His first instinct once he sees that Jack is interested in go kart racing and is actually very good, is to dispel him, to dispel his dreams, to shunt him away. "For the crash we built what we called the Hamster Wheel which was a big metal wheel that we mounted a kart in and then we mounted the camera to, so that we could roll it, twist it and crash it. "This film deals with Jack stumbling into this unforeseen world and discovering he's actually brilliant at it. This perhaps goes unnoticed by many, but Jack sees something special in Colin. Trevor describes her steadfast nature "She's constantly challenging Jack to do better and saying that's not good enough, or forcing him to try harder to win her affections, or convincing her to help him. Especially a film like this I think." #moonlightcinema #gomovie, A post shared by Willy (@williamlodderr) on Mar 12, 2020 at 6:58pm PDT, Charli Damelio Leaked Pics: Swimsuit Photos TikTok, Snapchat Pictures Exposed, Helen Stanley Goblin Works Garage Biography: Wikipedia, Husband, Age Facts. That's Steve's passion outside of filmmaking, that's what he really loves and once we found that out, it was kind of an obvious choice to bring Steve in." I think she's an extraordinary character and she's got a real swagger to her as well which I think is beautiful." Some of my favourite scenes are him and Will just riffing off each other. Whether it be Frances taking them all zip lining before the first day of our shoot, Dan's comedy in-between takes, or Richard mentoring Will both in character and out of character on set." Another technique we used was attaching a seat to a dolly and we would throw Will left and right on the track in order to do some of the crash sequences. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results William Lodder (1600 - 1630) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. "Richard and I were in a way the same as Patrick and Jack in their relationship. "I knew he was the star director when we were at University together and he is a star director." He finds love for it, a passion for it and through that meets a raft of people that take him through this journey. "Her journey is a really beautiful one – daughter of a wealthy, successful family, passionate about motor racing but is not really being given the time of day by her family or given the level of respect that say her brother is, but she doesn't give up. "He wanted it to be better every single time and we spent a lot of time in pre-production watching other work and subsequently there are obscure references that you wouldn't pick up, whether it's a 50s Italian neorealist film or an 80s kids movie. There were a lot of techniques that we approached, whether they be heavily composed single shot scenes or carefully choreographed steady cam sequences, down to the way we shot the racing. He has come from a very wealthy family. Out now on Netflix. Prior to filming, BAMPOS spent time with mechanics that worked on go karts, learning what all the parts were and how they fit together. William is seen in the film Go Karts 2020. Trevor noted that GO! He's a really excellent director and he leads with his smile, which is a great asset." You could really see he was thinking deeply about what his character was doing in that moment. It's Mandy that identifies the opportunity to build a kart faster than her brother's, something she knows she is capable of but has been stymied by a father that doesn't recognise her potential. With Hilton exclaiming that he can never keep a straight face around him, Trevor calling him the 'single funniest human I have ever met in my life' and Lodder saying he had to stop himself laughing while acting in scenes opposite him, it seems this warmth and humour transpires through to his character. He had been brought to Producer Jamie Hilton's attention during the casting of the Simon Baker directed Breath and the team leapt at the chance to bring him into the fold. Says Amarfio-Jefferson. Bampos was excited by the prospect of playing Mandy, noting that she related strongly to the character and that it was Mandy flourishing in a male dominated environment, which attracted her to the script. William is active on social media like Instagram. "The second half of the film very much becomes a lot to do with her journey and her emergence as someone who people actually pay attention to and Anastasia and I talked a lot about the idea that she just wants people to listen to her and to see her for what she is. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Steve really brought that into the script and then we got very lucky, I guess with a little skill involved, in assembling the three actors to create the kinetic relationship between the three of them." Along with the important preparation the actors did and the knowledge that Trevor and writer Steve Worland had about motorsports, the production enlisted the expertise of BD Soutar-Dawson. Borella elaborates, "Screenwest was a major supporter of our movie. "He'd be like OK let's talk it through and the same would happen with him and his character. We shot the entirety of the movie in Western Australia and without their support the film wouldn't have been made. Go Kart Go Karts. For Lodder and Bampos it was their first feature film roles, however their effect on the film was significant. This timelessness was precisely what Trevor was aiming for and the signature style well thought out and purposeful, an element he persisted with despite the budgetary constraints of an independent film. The best rated item with William Lodder on Netflix is "Go Karts" and appeared on screen in 2020. Trevor ponders "And as far as I'm aware, I don't think that anyone has really shot go karts like this before." "He has a remarkable stillness, and is obviously still very green, but when he's there it's fantastic to see somebody who has that, who can locate that quality of great stillness. Soutardawson explains. William Lodder is an Australian actor. William Lodder Co-Owner at Exact Medical Solutions City of Johannesburg. Win double passes to The Elfkins: Baking A Difference Movie Tickets. "Richard would fight for a scene to be better or a take to be better every single time or he'd interrogate a line and we'd re-write it on set and he'd go, "no hang on a second, what if we drop those eight lines and I do it with a look?" When it came to locations for the film, Western Australia shone through as the clear favourite. Trevor explains "He's trying to make everyone else happy and comfortable and so it's a lot about him learning to become better at dealing with his own issues rather than just other peoples." Pinterest. "Mandy being able to show how wonderful she is at her job and to be showing her father that she can do what he didn't think she could do. You never know who is going to win, you never know what's going to happen and you're on the edge of your seat the whole time, so it's very exciting from that perspective and Owen has filmed it beautifully. Release Date: January 16th, 2020, The Genesis And Development For a film centred on teamwork and friendships, the initial development of GO! "For Colin, this means getting over your fears, so I got really excited to play this character and give my little take on it. says Roxburgh. Dan would look at me and go "Is that funny?" The best result we found for your search is William Loder age 30s in Milwaukee, WI in the Northpoint neighborhood. At the core of where these characters intersect, was that they were all in the end better together as a team, something which writer Worland hopes audiences will embrace. This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with William Lodder on Netflix. Trevor noted that more than anyone, he felt that Roxburgh was consistently elevating and demanding the film to be better, every step of the way. "I think the film is about how a young boy learns to express himself and be in touch with his feelings," she explains. William got famous for his role as Jack Hooper in a movie Go Kart 2020. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. He's funny and sort of a bit cheeky and he's got a little bit of an edge as well. "Going toe to toe with Richard Roxburgh isn't an easy thing as an adult but going toe to toe with Richard Roxburgh as a 16 year-old kid in your first movie is even harder." Will Lodder. You just stuck a camera on him and from his first test we were unable to find somebody as good as Will. Producer Hilton explains, "Will Lodder took this role. He goes from being a villain to showing how he is just struggling like the rest of us. Not just as the sister of the brother or the daughter of the father. He can do funny, because the film needed comedic touch and, I was really excited about the possibility then of working with Owen and what he would bring. "William has a fantastic screen presence." As in 2020, William Lodder‘s age is * years. Director Owen Trevor credited the grip team, under the watchful eye of Key Grip Greg Stirling with being integral to the process. This motivation transcended all elements of production, Trevor further explaining, "You'll see the kids' haircuts and wardrobe is a very eclectic mix of things. ‘GO’ see it. Jack's got natural talent but must learn to control his recklessness. ). The person Lodder, William represents an individual (alive, dead, undead, or fictional) associated with resources found in City of Belmont - Ruth Faulkner Public Library. Producer Jamie Hilton and Director Owen Trevor went to University together, going to work on music videos together before they begun discussing collaborating on a feature film. "The motor racing has been beautifully covered," he says. He's like this old man in this kid's body. "That is an incredibly generous thing to do as well because he could just turn up and read the lines and then go home – he's still going to get paid and he's still going to be famous – but the amount that he put in emotionally and professionally I think is an extraordinary testament." He's not used to having to deal with people and so he's kind of grumpy" Roxburgh notes. I'd give her a different read or I'd say to her hey, on this take can you say it like this – we're not going to use it – but it's going to get a different reaction from him. We didn't give it to him. He also does not have his Wikipedia page. and he is A, a very close friend but also B, an extraordinary collaborator and he brought everything to it." So, when that tribe comes together, they're stronger for it and I think they're all better for it by the end of the film." Patrick – Richard Roxburgh Like Trevor, Lodder counts his favourite scene in the film to be where Jack and Patrick first meet each other, his reason being the working relationship he had with Roxburgh. Touching on the themes present throughout, she says "Along with the characters, it was also because of so many of the positive themes of the movie such as standing up for yourself, working together as a team and being in touch with your emotions." Taking on the role of Jack Hooper in the film is William Lodder. He didn't really talk to many people. and I'm like yeah, yeah, that's a break disc and then he says "what's a carburetor look like?" "I think he does get some kind of release by racing and speed, especially when he does do donuts (with his mum's car), which he used to do with his father." Known internationally as "Go!," the film, which was released in Australia in January, stars William Lodder, Anastasia Bampos, and Darius Amarfio Jefferson as the main teenage characters, and co-starring Australian vets Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing) and Frances O'Connor (The Conjuring 2, A.I. said Trevor. I guess that it's a slightly selfish choice but also I think it's an interesting look and it's very relevant for now." Trevor had cut his teeth on directing shorts and music videos, before being picked up by the globally successful Top Gear, which he worked on for four seasons. In fact, we do not know if William is single or is in a relationship. However, it wasn't just Worland's experience in screenwriting for a family audience that confirmed his expertise would be invaluable to the writing of GO!. "We have worked together for probably a decade and we've shot all over the world. Genealogy profile for William Lodder William Lodder (1781 - 1866) - Genealogy Genealogy for William Lodder (1781 - 1866) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Colin – Darius Amarfio-Jefferson Completing this motley trio, is Colin, played by Darius Amarfio-Jefferson. Lodder describes the film as "funny and exciting, with lots of heart", citing that it was both the humour in the script but also the vision described to him by Trevor that got him most excited. Through the course of the film she feels like she'd like him to express himself better and communicate but it's something that she can't really help him with.

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