It has also become my favorite cold water chatterbait trailer. Place your thumb at the aft end of the hook and hold the swimbait at the location. 5.5" - six baits per pack. Captain Devin Chief Instructor. Check it our and share any unique ways you rig'em.Thanks for watching and don't for get to subscribe! I share and show almost every way I rig a swimbait. The Silk Chartreuse Sassy Shad should be in all Tawakoni Anglers tackle box, but there is a need for other sizes and shapes! Some small swimbaits are so soft that rigging them straight is almost impossible. Rest the swimbait on its side, and align the Fattube … The second way is my favorite way to use them. We really don't ask for much with these baits other than they be easy to rig and have good action in their tails. Connect the split ring to the eye of your treble hook. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// The Ripple Shad also benefits from Berkley's legendary Powerbait scent infused into every bait. The four-inch Sassy Shad is a wide profile swimbait and the silk chartreuse color will catch fish all year long. The grooves on top and bottom also make the swimbait a lot easier to rig perfectly straight. You ROCK!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------***********Product Discounts ***********************Ledghead Lures: and use CODE: BassGeek for 10% Discount!Major League Lures: majorleaguelures.comOpticast: and use CODE: OCGO10 at Check out for your Discount! Color – Shad patterns are most popular and they certainly work, especially where bass are feeding on shad. Most swimbaits come pre-rigged and have an exposed top hook. Here’s Lawrence’s method for rigging a 4.0 Booty Shaker: 1. The steps depends on the specifics of the swimbait. Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana’s coast. Spunk Shad FLOAT and make a great Chatterbait, Scrounger or NED Rig trailer. Semi-translucent swimbaits work great in clear water. Soft anise infused plastic pleases the palate of any trophy fish. We tossed the MegaBait Chubby Shad in both fresh and saltwater for tests on multiple species. How To Rig Jerk Baits One of the great things about jerk shads is that they’re very versatile. You can checkout the Largo Shad in action in this underwater video, and then see more about the fish we've been catching on it below. Separate the cylinder of the pop rivet from the shank. I was really surprised how this slender profile had such a tight shimmy. 10/10 . If you want to put it on a jighead and fish it deeper or in more open water, the core of the swimbait is dense and solid enough to stick well to a jighead shank. (3 of 10) Watch as Matt explains the differences between swim jig trailers and how some create secondary action while others are virtually d Big Bite Baits got the little things right with the Suicide Shad, and that's what helps make it this Editor's Choice.. 4.5 inch rigged on a 5/0 gammy weighted swimbait hook. I share and show almost every way I rig a swimbait. To rig this style yourself, simply slide the hook into the nose of the bait and poke the hook through the back so the base of the hook lays against the nose of the bait. Field Tests: Rigging for the EZ Shad is the same as any paddletail swimbait really and lately, I’ve grown attached to the Owner Beast hooks. Small swimbaits have become a mainstay bass fishing lure and popular technique anytime fish are feeding on minnows and other small baitfish. These weighted, extra-wide gap hooks are forged with a triple-x strong shank and Owner’s usual needle sharp point. The soft tail swims freely and strongly with that stabilizing brace on the bottom of the tail. site: sports | ptype: stories | pageType: stories | Match the hook size to the Shad-A-Licious size of your choice and enjoy one of the finest swimbaits on the market. To rig the Fattube, the No. section: | slug: storm-360gt-largo-shad-review | route: article_single | Rig on either an open ball jig head or with a weighted hook and fish with a slow steady retrieve. But I liked it best just as it is out of the package. Delivering detail and action that is in a league of its own, the Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad Swimbait delivers an advanced versatility that will ensure a permanent place in your softbait lineup. Tips from professional anglers on how to customize bass-fishing rigs to attract the largest fish in a lake. I've caught bass on the Largo Shad fishing it shallow around grass. You can rig them on a jig head and fish them in deeper creeks or docks, or you can rig them on a weighted swimbait hook and fish them on shallow flats or shorelines. This is a great way to target big fish that may be keying on baitfish with a more subtle approach than a vibrating jig or a lipless crankbait. Rigging the Fattube. Rigging the Chubby: The very first thing to keep in mind is to rig the Chubby Shad body straight. You might want to look into the YUM money minnows or strike king shadalicious as well. Out fished kitechs 3-1 on a recent trip to beaver lake in AK and even caught a 6lber on these swimbaits on A-rigs. I've been playing with the Largo Shad from Storm since last fall. B.A.S.S. Likewise if I'm fishing a really big swimbait, it's often in shallower water and I like weighted hook because I am more likely to encounter cover that I can't always see up shallow. Wheeler shares his top 4 rigging methods that allow paddle tail swimbaits to be fished through a variety of cover types and depths. This 4.5" swimbait is another versatile bait that can be rigged a number of ways. The body of the Largo Shad provides unique rigging options for anglers. RayJus: Use Code: RJHROGERS111-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow me as I fish the Volunteer Division of the FLW BFL'sBFL: Profile: Social Media :Instagram: Some glitter or a … The bait is very durable and dense in the body section, and while I was afraid initially when rigging the first time that it might not swim that great, that turned out to not be the case. The Storm Largo Shad is Wheeler's top choice in this bait category due to its seductive action and extreme durability. If you want to put it on a jighead and fish it deeper or in more open water, the core of the swimbait is dense and solid enough to stick well to a jighead shank. But it quickly caught on with the freshwater anglers on Rapala's fishing team. But they grooved the top and bottom to provide a weedless hook rigging option as well. Throw it on a jighead, dropshot, or an A-rig and experience the professional-grade, twin-tail action of the Big Bite Baits Real Deal Shad firsthand. Real World Tests: Swimbaits are extremely versatile lures and can be used in a wide range of fishing conditions. Swimbaits come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but the simple swimbait and jighead combination is the most common and versatile. Comments: Best ribbed style swimbait out their. Learn when its time to set the swimbait down and upsize to a swim jig. A solid head is another key feature of the Suicide Shad which allows better rigging on a jighead to last longer than traditional hollow body swimbaits. From: Samuel: Iowa 1/11/17 You rig it perfectly straight every time in seconds because of the density of the body and ridges on top and bottom. originalDevice: deviceType:desktop. I also believe that groove helps keep the swimbait centered as it swims on a small jighead. I've been throwing it this summer around schooling fish on pods of small baitfish around cover and on points, and our guys in the Minnesota office wrecked the smallmouth up north this winter and spring fishing it deep on a Tokyo Rig. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won’t hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right. A swimbait’s girth, thickness and resulting profile also should be considered. The small profile mimics a ton of small prey from freshwater to saltwater. But also has a better rolling action on a light texas rig when swimmed through the water. Most of those large swimbaits like a 13 Fishing Coalition Baits BAMF swimmer or a Battle Shad were designed to specifically fit a large weighted swimbait hook. It looks really good in the water, and you can feel it on a more sensitive setup like a small spinning rod with braid. “It has a good action no matter how you rig it,” said the Arizona pro. 6.5"- five baits per pack. While many would fish it on a jighead, Bertrand also likes to mix it up sometimes and fish it with a swimbait hook. With your thumb still holding the spot, take the hook in your other hand and gently scribe a light mark in the top of the swimbait body. The paddle tail still imparts its characteristic vibration and the classic swimming motion of a swimbait, while the Ripple Shad's thick head makes rigging easy and is perfect for holding the keeper of a swimbait hook.

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